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Woodbridge Plastic Surgery - Michael P. Gross, MD - Virginia

A balanced perspective
The word “plastic” comes from the Greek “plastikos,” which means to mold or give form. Plastic surgery is the ultimate balance of science and art. That’s why the plastic surgeon you entrust with your body and your vision must translate your hopes into the beautiful results you desire.

Woodbridge, VA plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Gross assembles a truly comprehensive package of elements that determine your own ultimate vision: form, shape, function and balance to help patients achieve their dreams of natural beauty and self-confidence.

Expect understanding
Dr. Gross offers over a decade of trusted, board-certified experience and a wall of credentials. But what truly sets him apart is his attention to your needs. Each patient consultation is a conversation — not a lecture or a sales presentation — because he understands the value of clear communication. He knows that an honest exchange of information and expectations is the essential link between your desires and truly beautiful results.

At Prince William Plastic Surgery, we are proudly committed to your goals, privacy, safety and comfort. You will always be in our capable and caring hands. We offer a full spectrum of cosmetic enhancements for your personal refinement.