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An Overview Of Skin Needling Treatment And What It Can Do For You

Skin Needling Process

Everybody is looking for that next big thing in beauty and skin care, anything to enhance skin complexion. When considering skin resurfacing strategies, there is a range to choose from, consisting of laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. Nevertheless, there is another option to think about called skin needling, and many have gained interest in Dermapen for sale in Australia and other skin needling products and a good reason.

What is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is a less invasive treatment with a reasonably short healing duration. A cosmetic physician, dermatologist or plastic surgeon can perform this treatment. Skin needling is good for remedying imperfections on your skin such as the ones caused by acne and chickenpox. Over the years, some skin specialists and cosmetic surgeons have tried out different methods to reduce scars and have found this to be among the most efficient ways.


When you get here for your appointment, the physician will completely clean and use cream to the skin that is about to be needed; the selected area is then injected with local anesthetic. This will numb your skin so the needling will not hurt. Some medical professionals likewise provide their patients intravenous anesthetic to help with any discomfort they may experience. A needle roller is then rolled over the skin sometimes, developing some small puncture injuries. These promote the development of collagen and can improve even complexion if you have splotches of pigmentation. Later on, a relaxing cream is applied, and your medical professional may opt to cover your face with bandages for about a day.

This treatment will make your skin red for a couple of days, but after about a week approximately, most of the soreness is gone. Some medical professionals advise up to five sessions, depending on the seriousness of your skin’s flaws. Much broader, more visible scars might require numerous treatments before it starts to enhance in look. You need to wait 6 to eight weeks in between sessions to permit skin to heal entirely.


Skin needling can be performed on primarily on the face, however, can also be carried out on the hands, back, neck and chest.  Benefits of using Dermapen and similar skin needling products include a significant reduction of wrinkles and scars. A single skin needling session can assist collagen production for approximately a year, and can generally be more economical than other skin resurfacing treatments. ​